Joseph Joseph 2 Piece Sink Organisation Set

Product Number: EAS3499

RRP €100.00

Joseph Joseph 2 Piece Sink Organisation Set

Expandable dish rack with draing spout.  Extends to hold more items when needed.  Draining spout with three differnt positions.  Raised ribs prevent water being trapped under glasses and bowls.  Non-scratch draining prongs and chopping board rail.  Movable cutlery drainer with knife slot.  Dimensions when closed W35.3 X H16.7 X D31CM Dimensions when open W35.3 X H16.7 X D51.5CM

Set also includes hygienic soap dispenser with large easy push pump head.  You can push with wrist for optimum hygiene.  Transparent window for checking fill level.  Non-slip base and suitable for all soap types.

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