Le Creuset Wine Openers - Classic TM-110 Table Model

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Everyday Classic Range TM-110 Table Model

The Le Creuset range of wine openers saw the light of day after Texan oilman and prolific inventor, Herbert Allen, set out to design a corkscrew that would extract corks effortlessly and perfectly every time. The result was a range of <h='http://www.shopcookware.ie/wine-openers--accessories/172cat.aspx' class='seo_link'>wine openersthat are stylish, easy to use and, most importantly, takes the cork out cleanly every time without any effort on the part of the person wielding the tool. You will never again have to anchor a bottle between your knees while you wrestle with the cork, so wave farewell to wrist-strain and battles of will with crumbly or recalcitrant corks. Nothing comes close to a Le Creuset opener - you don't even have to remove the plastic or foil that covers the top of the bottle. (It is recommended, however, that if a bottle is closed with wax, you remove this first, as wax shortens the lifespan of the Le Creuset ?worm?.) Due to the popularity of the Le Creuset Wine products, a slew of cheap imitation products have been released on the market. However, any person who has ever used a Le Creuset will be able to tell you that it is quite simply a superior tool. It is properly manufactured, using quality components and the return on your initial investment is far greater if you stick to the original.

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